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How to e-fax w/attachment and a cover page??

I am unable to send an e-fax, with attachment and include a cover page. I consulted in "messenger" with an IT specialist. Through trouble shooting we found that I could not send my attachment AND a cover page at the same time. IT suggested I post this to the "community" board.

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Using email-to-fax services of RC, if you want to send a custom cover page instead of using the RC cover pages, the only method of safely ensuring your custom cover page gets sent as the first page instead of the last page is to merge your attachments and your cover page into a single file (Word, Excel, PDF). 

We experimented with this a lot and found that even though we could always attach a cover page as a separate attachment file, it would never reliably get sent as the first page.  

Our solution was to setup an email processor, where we have all our users email their faxes with cover pages to an internal email account (eg.  We have setup a program on our server that picks up all these emails and merges the attachments into a single PDF file with any attachment that contain the word "cover" gets merged as the first pages.  Then the program forwards the PDF to the

We have recommended to RC several times in the past to enable a similar solution, but have received zero indication that they would try to implement this.
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Up to 8 attachments (including images) can be used with a maximum of 1.0 MiB each and 10.0 MiB total.

Thank you, Michael for your response.  

My problems occurred when attempting to use RC custom cover page.  But you gave me an idea on how to work around my problem.  In the future I will simply scan my own cover sheet together with the document I am faxing all-in-one.

It seems crazy to have to go through the extra step since RC has some perfectly good cover sheets to use --- but at least there is a work around.

Appreciate your response.  Have a great day.
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When we have used the RC cover page, we have not had any issues - what problem are you having?  The most common problem we have run into with using RC cover pages is to forget or incorrectly set the fax email address (ie. the email address(es) to accept faxes from).
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