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Calendar integration via URL

The Glip calendar URL changes unexpectedly and almost instantly. I subscribed to my Gli calendar per instructions using my Google calendar, and it worked - I saw my Glip calendar events in my Google calendar. About 30 seconds later, the Glip calendar URL changed. I added some more events to the Glip calendar, but Google calendar never got updated. This made me wonder if maybe the URL changed, and sure enough, the URL was different on the Glip side. I tested this several times and discovered that the URL changes almost instantly. For example, I added one event to the Glip calendar, resubscribed from Google calendar with the correct URL and verified that the event showed up there, went back to Glip within 30 seconds or less and added another event, went back to Google calendar and the second event fro Glip never showed up. I then went back into Glip, clicked on the integration link to check that the URL is still the same and WAS NOT. Obviously, this has to be a software bug.

Has anyone else come across this? Could this, please, be fixed?

Thank you.

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Hey Sergey, our Product Team is actually working towards creating a better calendar integration experience which should release this summer (barring any unforeseen issues). Sorry for the inconvenience it's causing right now :(
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