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How to modify play announcement

How do i modify a play announcement so when my call que rings for a phone number 1 i want to hear incomming call from company 1. and when phone number 2 rings it says incomming call from company 2 ( with the company number being the name of the business they are trying to reach due to the fact that i have 3 companies all working in the same building with 1 phone per receptionist instead of having separate phones for seperate companies

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Presence can be a work around for this kind of Setup
the Feature Ring My Phone when a Monitored Line received a Call

*Create an Ext. with Company Name Ex *Company 1
*Edit Permission Under Presence and Add ext that can Answer Call for This Ext.

*on each Ext that Has the Phones assign Edit Presence and Add *Company 1* on the monitored Line
*Put a check on the tick box to Ring My Phone once a Monitored User Rings
*Add Company 1 Under the monitored line of each Ext(It will show the Name on the Buttons on the screen of the Phones)

-Once someone Reach Company 1 it will ring on those phones that Has Ring my Phone  When Monitored Line is Enable since 
-the Button that Has Company 1 Labeled will Blink Usually in Red or Orange it Means that the call is coming from that Line

No need to Edit the Forwarding settings
Phone Should Be presence Capable an Handle Multiple lines

Hope I was Able to Explain it Properly
Anyone on the Technical Support Team can Do this setup for You

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