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Transfer out of voice mail

Can a caller transfer out of my voice mail by dialing a co-worker's extension?

Here's the scenario: I will be on vacation for a week. I want to set a Custom Answering Rule (Users > Call Handling & Forwarding > Advanced) that says for the week of X, send all calls to my VM. I get how to do this using the Date and/or Time rule to set a date range, etc.

In my VM greeting I want to give callers the option to leave me a VM or to transfer out of my VM and reach a co-worker if they need help sooner than my return date. I want to say in my greeting, "I will be out of the office until X date and will return calls on that date. If you need immediate assistance, dial extension 1234 to reach the desk of [co-worker's name]."

Our old Toshiba phone system did this without fail. Unfortunately, with the RingCentral system the ability to transfer out of VM by dialing the co-worker's extension doesn't work. When the caller enters the extension number while my VM greeting is playing or "after the beep" it either hangs up or does nothing.

When creating the Custom Answering Rule, in Step 3, Define Call Handling, I have tried selecting each of the four "actions" in the left-hand nav column (Forward Calls, Take Messages Only, Play Announcement Only, Unconditional Forwarding). The only one that comes close is Take Messages Only (that's the one I'm using), but even it doesn't perform as desired.

Is there a way to accomplish this? The only workaround I find is to say in my VM outgoing message, "...if you need immediate assistance, hang up and dial [co-workers direct number]." It gets the job done, but it's not as customer friendly as I would like.

Thanks for any assistance offered.

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Hi Steve, 

Saadet and I just tested this out, and it should work as you described. Once your message flips from the voicemail to the recording portion, it won't work. Make sure you have enough time after your message for someone to type in the extension, and then a couple seconds for the extension to connect. 
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