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Wrong outbound fax ID showing 650-655-6633 and not my fax ID

Account type: Canada

Related case number: multiple case ID's (never resolved) - last 08629547

Detailed description of problem:

My faxes are not being received by certain fax machines/services despite receiving a "SENT" confirmation. When I reviewed the case with the recipient's fax support person, I was told that my fax is attempting to come in with a foreign area code and number: 650-655-6633

This fax number has been associated with sending BLACK SPAM pages. It is being blocked automatically by other faxes.

Why does my fax not have MY caller ID? It is correctly entered in the required fields.

Are my faxes rerouted via an American number?

I am fed up of thinking that a fax was successfully sent only to then discover that nothing was received. It is distressing and embarrassing.

Kim Lorenz Cabanlit from Ring Central has yet to respond to my query and contact me.

Previous troubleshooting steps taken - I don't know. RC does not tell us what they do. They just ask if there is still a problem and send a satisfaction survey and then they close the case despite no resolution. I have spent hundreds of hours with various RC agents trying to explain the issue.

Software version: web-based.

Number of Users affected: solo user

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1 Answer

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Hey Francesca, 

I did some looking into your past cases and escalated ticket 08629547 to our Executive Response Team. They're gonna look into things and reach out to you soon. 
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