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view all blocked numbers

Is there a way to view a list of ALL of my blocked calls in the super admin portal? I only see a list of 8 blocked numbers. Also, is there a way to change the message to blocked numbers to a custom message? I don't like the options that RC currently shows (it needs to be specific that this number has been rejected, not that i don't accept numbers from the area code...stupid).

admin portal
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Hi Suzanne, 

All blocked call numbers should be listed in your super admin portal. Check out instructions on how to view blocked numbers here. There isn't a way to customize the messages to block numbers right now. You can vote on that idea here!
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You are all misunderstanding my question. First of all, i only have 1 extension, 1 employee. I KNOW how to block calls. I want to view ALL of the calls that i have blocked, historically. I don't want to search for a specific number. I want to see ALL numbers that i have blocked. This is a simple question. I've had 4 other hosted voice companies and i've never had an issue with being able to view ALL of the numbers that are on my blocked list. Currently all i see are 8 phone numbers that I blocked and I KNOW that I have blocked over 50 scammers/telemarketers.

Can someone PLEASE answer this question???!!!
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Hey Suzanne,

As Jessica mentioned, you can view the numbers you've blocked via your online portal. It's located under your extension -> Screening, Greeting & Hold Music -> Blocked Calls

If you use the RingCentral Phone app, you can also see blocked calls here:

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I understand but I ONLY see 8 of the 50+ blocked calls. How can i see ALL of the blocked calls? No one can seem to answer this question. Frustrating.
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Hey Suzanne, I'm not sure why they are not all showing up :/ For testing purposes I blocked a couple dozen on my test account via the Call Log and all blocked numbers show up in the area I mentioned.
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I think, specifically, while we do have a means of blocking numbers for all extensions, it's really difficult, especially for people who have over 20, 50, or a hundred lines to go to each extension and check who had blocked which number, so that they can block it fully for the whole account if they need to, via the super admin's blocked calls list. 

especially since we do encourage people to call into support. so if users call in to block numbers on their own extensions, certainly the support rep they get would walk them through it. without the admin being aware of it.

so, certainly, it would help a lot of our customers, if we considered adding a feature that allows them to view each extension's blocked call list, without having to go to each one to do so. Especially if they need to block those numbers for the whole account, without having to go to each extension to check if they did or did not add a number to block.

which is what my customer, specifically is requesting. details below. 

  1. Account type: RBS_RCO
  2. A brief description of the business : not discussed. 
  3. A high level description of the product or feature being requested: for an option to view all users' blocked calls list on the main admin panel
  4. A typical use case scenario explaining how your business would use the feature: customer won't need to have to go to each extension to check the blocked calls list as it woul be a visible option on the admin portal
  5. Benefit of such feature: ease of use
  6. Number of Users and/or Digital Lines: 82 users / 63 lines

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