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RC Meetings not compatible with Mac OS Catalina (beta)

Hi -

I am using Mac OS Catalina beta and am unable to use RingCentral meetings. I can open RC meetings and start a meeting but then I get the Connecting.... screen and it is all black and nothing else happens. I cannot cancel, exit or quit. The only way to get out is to do a force quit.

  • Account Type - Canada
  • OS - Mac OS Catalina v 10.15 Beta (19A487m)
  • RC Meetings version - 7.0.136380.0312

I created this as a case but was told it was not supported but to post to the community.

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Hey Marc, 

None of our apps will be compatible with beta operating systems, sorry! 
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Jessica-  I have the same issues in the stable release of Catalina.  I get through sign in but it freezes and the only way out is to FORCE QUIT.  Im on 10.15.1 and the most recent version of the Ring Central Meetings app.
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I'm sorry you're still having this issue. Please continue to work with our Tech Support team. 
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Does that mean that no RC apps will ever be compatible with any Beta OS?  aka, can we not even begin testing until release day?  Or will there be compatible RC apps later in the Beta cycle, before release?  Apologies for pushing, but I've got a lot of pressure to get the new OS into production as soon after it's released as possible and need to build a release schedule and to get my team testing all apps asap.
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The separate meetings seems to work as long as you grant it enough permissions in system preferences, however the version that's embedded in Glip seems to crash as soon as you join or start a meeting.
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Hi Aaron, 

I should've been more specific. It's not that we don't offer ANY version that works with beta software, it's that this beta is so new, our engineers are still working on a new version, and have completely planned for compatibility when it is released.
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That is good to know, since I am also on the Catalina Beta OS and I am unable to "downgrade" to Mojave.  Oddly your RC Meetings app worked beautifully with Catalina until this morning!
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I had to wipe my machine and restore to a backup, other developers which were using Catalina to work on testing for apps also had to wipe their iOS devices and roll back due to the RC bugs present in iOS13. Would be nice to be able to work with RC to test and get a dev/beta version rather than completely blacklisting working with Apple's beta program.
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Pouvez-vous me dire si maintenant ds aujourd'hui RingCentral et Ringcentral Meeting sont compatibles avec la sortie de CATALINA 

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