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Glip issues: Disabled accounts, can't remove admin, can't assign admin

Glip started to act weird beginning of the last week. I have contacted RC support via phone but they're unable to resolve the issues. It has been more than a week now.

One of our colleagues accidentally created a duplicated account on RC which caused conflict between or main company account on Glip. (We had the same issue last year and resolved in two days.) Since then 3 people are locked out from their glip account and can't log in.

We started to experience weird error messages or some of the setting options are missing as I noted below.

  • The accounts of users from Argentina are disabled and they're receiving an error message when they tried to sign in with their e-mail accounts.
  • Glip Admin can't remove accounts from some chats or disable individual accounts.
  • Some accounts can't be assigned as admin

RC agents keep saying that Glip technical support is going to contact me but I haven't heard from anyone and its been a week. Today I called for the 5th time and got the same response.

I hope there is someone who can help me with the above issues. It's very frustrating.

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Hey Celal, I made this post private so that only myself and you can see it.

Only the Glip Support team can assist with this issue. I see that you've been talking with Theresa and your account has a few cases open about this issue, all which have been assigned to a rep and is being worked on. I think what's happening here is that too many cases are open about the same issue and that's causing some confusion. Do you have a specific case number that I can follow-up on for you?
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Hi Saadet,

 Case #09009335

As far as I understand; our situation is kinda complicated. It seems different account types are created and caused conflicts in the RC database.

The permanent solution is removing the extra company domain channels and prevent a user to create a duplicate account if they're invited to a company channel.

So there are different account types has been created for globalme domains throughout the RingCentral database. --and also formerly Glip database.

Company Channels
  1. Main Globalme (Glip Only) account. ( (active)
  2. Globalme (RC Meeting) account ( (deactivated two days ago and Guillermina and Valeria are back to the main channel.)
  3. Globalme (Glip Only) ( (active)
  4. Globalme (RC Meeting) ( (active)
Account Types

Glip only old accounts that have been transferred to RingCentral database.
RC Meeting accidentally created accounts and conflicting with channel service features. (It's from the sign-up page that has been initiated when you start/join a meeting)

Solution Steps
  • Glip developers will be deleting active team channels without deleting invited user accounts to team channel. There are a few obstacles (auto-sync, same profile history) but they're confident that they'll remove extra channels without any data loss.
  • They are working on a domain rule to add user accounts to team channel instead of creating a team channel if they're already not invited.
  • They are working on a case not to show a signup page when one starts/joins a meeting.

This is what I understand from my last chat with Theresa. Can you confirm w/ her, please?

PS: She was supposed to send me an e-mail about action steps but she hasn't sent yet. I just want to confirm if the above information are correct.

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Thanks for the info! I'll follow-up with her to confirm :)
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