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What drives YOU nuts while using Glip?

As a tool that combines chat and task management into one product, Glip has the potential to be the best chat/productivity tool out there; however... after using Glip for 2-3 years now, there are still glaring bugs and gaping holes in its core functionality that boggle my mind and hold it back from true greatness.

In fact, I'm so discouraged by the lack of progress that I'd thought I'd get some stuff off my chest and share everything that drives me nuts about the browser/desktop app... in hopes that someone out there is listening... because I'm at a point where I'm looking at other options.

This list is not exhaustive (and I'll likely add to the list as things come to mind)... just the stuff that I'm still perplexed by:


Line Breaks

  • If you create a line/paragraph break after a line that has a url in it, the line break doesn't display (except on mobile).


  • @mention-ing adds an automatic space after the mentioned individual, so if you want to include punctuation after the name (which I personally do all the time), then you have to hit backspace.

Editing Comments

  • Single-letter edits don't seem to update (e.g. if you edit 'of' to read 'if', which I literally just did). For some reason, Glip requires you to edit two or more characters (or spaces) to recognize that an edit has taken place and updates the text accordingly.
  • You still cannot use the up-key shortcut to edit a comment if that comment has a url link in it.


Missing tasks

  • I have tasks spread out over multiple teams. When I go into the Task App, not all of my tasks are displayed. Instead, I have to filter my tasks by selecting "Assign to" and my name, then they appear... mostly.

Recurring tasks

  • We still don't have more nuanced frequency for recurring tasks (e.g. repeat every 3 weeks, or 2 days etc.). I mean... people have been requesting this feature for literally years!

Buggy task date sections

  • When you create a task in the browser app with a particular due date... if you create another task with the same due date on mobile... when you then sort your tasks by date on the browser/desktop app, Glip displays two sections with the same date, instead of all of the tasks being under the one date section.

Completed tasks

  • Attempting to review completed tasks generally crashes Glip.
  • If they do display, there's no option to sort by most recent (which are usually the ones I want to review)


  • I wish I could perform actions (e.g. delete, complete) on multiple tasks at once.


  • I mean, do I even need to explain this?

    If you manage all of your tasks in Glip, the dashboard is an unusable mess. It virtually crashes the app just trying to load everything up... not to mention a lack of functionality (i.e. sorting/filters) to make the dumpster pile of tasks it displays both on the calendar (if it loads) and on the My Tasks list somewhat useful.

    Is it just me??


  • Saving a note boots you from the note. Why?
  • Sometimes notes do not save at all. We're back to using Google docs because of this.
  • Strikethroughs still don't work. Reported it aaaaaaages ago.
  • When copy/pasting text into a note, the page scrolls up and away from the text you just pasted. Why?
  • Converting bullet points to numbers crashes the app.


  • You can import files into Glip - you just can't use files already in Glip as an attachment.

What glaring bugs and/or issues would you like RingCentral to address?

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shelly-roth5155 answered timm1 commented
thanks for taking the time to list all of that out. My BIG gripe is the reoccurring tasks/appointments.  Literally been asking for this seemingly easy (it's done on all sorts of platforms except Glip/RC) request for YEARS! :(
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Honestly, it's hard to image that RC actually use Glip to manage their own to-dos with such fundamental functionality missing!
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We use Glip everyday, allllll day! 

Well, Glip and sticky notes ;) 
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i use it all day every day too....but there are problems that have been requested to be updated for YEARS....and lots of things that could be helpful and lots of things that have glitches.  I guess we are just living with them at this point.  Too busy to figure out another program.
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So... you must totally understand our pain! Rise up with us, Jessica and flood the RC product team with our petitions!
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mark-blake answered saadetswift16514 commented
Glip users cannot get technical support,      the Support section of the website requires you to login to create a ticket, and we cant login.   The phone helpdesk admitted there is a problem where Glip only users cant logiin to the helpdesk.
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Hey Mark, thanks for the feedback. Internal teams are working on getting a better process in place :) In the meantime, if you call in, a Support Agent can open a case on your behalf.
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Ooh, just remembered another bug...

If you want to completely transfer a task from one team to another, you have to click on the cog wheel next to the task in center pane and select the move icon. If you step into the task and use the move icon in the right-pane, Glip will indeed move the task to the desired team, but will also leave the task in the originating team :/
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timm1 answered jessica-community-moderator commented

I still don't receive the daily "today" task reminder emails. Submitted a ticket over a year ago - still no answer why I stopped receiving them.
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Good Point - I just realised I havent been getting them either.
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Hey Timm, I checked with the Product Team on this. Looks like it was removed for instability reasons. I'll let you know if it gets added back! I think it's an important feature to have :)
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Good to know! Thanks, Saadet :)
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Yes it is an important feature!
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Is there an update on this feature. its really important!
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timm1 answered timm1 commented
Recurring tasks still break! Just lost about 24 recurring tasks over the last two days. They just stopped recurring for no good reason :(
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OH no! :( i hope that isn't the case or i'll be in trouble!
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Eeeek! Give Support a call at 888-898-4591, option 3 and they'll get a Glip ticket open for ya
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Eek is right! Wish I could just submit a ticket online like I used to be able to, but I guess I'll have to call because it seems that all of my weekly recurring tasks have broken :/

I'm almost certain it has something to do with the fact that I edited the due date on each of these tasks before I went away on vacation for three weeks, because they all broke as soon as they were checked off once I returned.
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Ok! Ticket opened. Really hope that bug gets squashed. Am still re-creating all these broken tasks on my end...
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david-wiebe answered keith-lazarus13798 commented
  • Can't tell a room to stop telling me about missed messages. Even when the room is muted it will still light up when a message is posted.
  • No dark mode. Supposedly this is in development but haven't seen anything about this in ages
  • No public roadmap
  • Release notes are bare-bones, don't feature all releases, and can't be subscribed to via rss (

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I never stumbled across the release notes previously (although I'm glad to see them now) but you're right, David - they're bare bones, nearly to the point of being useless.  In addition, if all they manage to change in the program between May and August is 3 things, then they're way off the pace of what they should be doing.

I noticed that some of the other updates included references such as "Fixed some issues..."  Really, RC?  You can do *much* better than that. 

The lack of a public roadmap is equally irritating and has been mentioned *repeatedly* in this forum.

Saadet and Jessica - RC really needs to step its game up.
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mark-sargent answered
It looks tasty, but tastes pretty average...
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paul-pecullan answered
Threaded conversations.  A single team will likely need to have multiple conversations going on at the same time and without threading it becomes difficult to follow one particular topic.
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