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RingCentral Desktop App - Is It Impossible - Outbound Calling on One Extension, Multiple Users?

Is it impossible to have more than 2 users direct dial from their computers on a virtual line while signed in to the SAME extension? - Or can we make it possible?

The answer may sound immediately obvious (a NO) to anyone affiliated with RingCentral (I've already contacted someone to try to get what we had before via chat).

And I have read an unfortunate amount of support articles about Digital Lines and Virtual Lines that don't explain why we had something that worked before.

BUT for about a year now (and up until this morning), we have had more than 2 users operate one specific extension (ext. 126) from their Desktop app (3 of our users are in the Philippines) for their outbound calls. This line was never a Digital Line.

* Our Call Log - Shows only one person (they are in the U.S.) using RingOut and the rest of our users have been VoIP calling directly from their computers using this ONE extension.

* We are each up-to-date in our Desktop App

* This morning - We saw "RingOut" only in our Desktop app and in our Settings without the ability to switch to Direct Dial.

* What happened yesterday to spark this change? - Possibly this is because we downgraded Digital Lines (ext. 115, 117, 124, 131, and 132) to Virtual Lines. The line that I am having a problem with (ext. 126) wasn't included in this inquiry (it has always been a Virtual Line), yet somehow it's capabilities have changed.

* Why have users on one extension? - We operate this extension as a team and it is extremely convenient. We pick up where we each left off. We can track everything (texts, calls) under one umbrella.

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Hi Allison, 

It looks like none of our Community champions and members have heard of this situation.

It sounds to us (your Community moderators) that this may have been a result of you downgrading, we think it would be your best course of action to continue working with support to identify if these issues were caused by that downgrade. 
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