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Mac uninstaller

Is there an uninstaller for Mac? Support is telling me no (they first said to just delete the app), but it leaves items for RingCentral and Glip in ~/Library/Application Support. Not sure where else it leaves things...

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very interested in this one. Lots of issues currently with Mac Desktop app for me. From audio dropping during calls to delayed actions by the app when an option is selected. 
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My issue with the it on Mac was that it would net me do RC meetings
 (not sure if this is your issue) so i was going to uninstall then reinstall.
Either the help desk sent me an article or walked me thru an uninstall. 
It didn't completely let me uninstall so what i ended up ding is running RC Meeting using Windows inside Parallel. Hope this helps someone, even if it wasn't the exact answer to the question. :-) 

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I have the same issue Larry, and support is being completely unhelpful, except for responding to my ticket every few days saying "is it still happening"

the issue is when starting a Video Call it initiates download the the RC Meetings installer, so we install it,  and then try Video call again,  and it takes us back to downloading RC Meetings installer again  

GLip is obviously looking for a background service to be running when initiating a Video call, and it cant find it.

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I can try to help with doing a complete uninstall. Sadly on a Mac, there is no operating system support for a complete uninstall and there's no easy answer.

You delete the app from Applications. After that many things may be left over in various folders under ~/Library. e.g.

~/Library/Application Support





You'd have to look under each of those (there can also me more locations!) and delete folders belonging to the app. In this case RingCentral/Glip.

There are various apps in App Store that can do this too.

- Maneesh

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That's because no one in your development team wrote one. I could write a script that would work, if I knew where all the components are, and would self-delete. Also, have you looked at Ringcentral Meetings? "Uninstall" is in the app's menu:
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Ok - so the developers that write the software know where they place items, but cannot write something to remove them? There is operating system support - just have the developers write a script to remove the items! This seems like it's just someone being lazy or incomplete software development. Seriously.
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Amen to that.
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MIchael, there is no 'uninstall program' on MacOS which would run an install action/script like there is in Windows. Apple only supports deleting the app and everything else is upto the user. If there was an uninstall script it would have to be a separate app as it cannot be part of the main app which would get deleted.
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Any update on an uninstall script? I am too facing the same issue and ring central has not been able to provide an uninstall script for their own product yet it has an option to uninstall built in the application if you press the button to do so. 
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