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RC Chrome Extension issue : many employees authorize connection to Google Contacts

We're rolling out RingCentral phone in the company.

Since this monday, we've got a new issue in the RingCentral Chrome Extension settings.

Some employees cannot authorize the access to Google Contacts. When they click on Google Authorize buttton nothing happens. They don't see the new display with the login screen from google. For other employees in the same session, it works.

Worst, as a trainer, I've disconnected the autorization. Now, I cannot authorize the Google contacts access.

Same issue on Chrome Extension on windows or chromeOS on a chromebook.

I've seen the same issue in this community but it was a year ago for an older version of the extension.

We are in the last version of the extension 4.1.14, last version of chrome, employees are in the same google and microsoft organization units.

The IT department has opened a ticket on RingCentral support.

Are we the only ones to meet this new issue ? Does anyone has the solution ?

Thanks for your help

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I just started having this problem here at my company. Including my own machine. It used to work just fine.
*sad face*
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Hey Andrew, looks like Tech Support is still looking into Ignacio's case. I would highly suggest also opening a case!
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