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Cannot accept call when Displaying Called Number

We are having an issue with accepting calls that are forwarded to a mobile number. Basically our workflow goes like this: Someone calls our number and they choose 1 for English. That calls 2 numbers on a rotating basis. For some of our receptionists they are unable to connect the call by pressing 1 when prompted. This only happens to a small subset of our people that the calls are forwarded to. After much troubleshooting we have narrowed down a potential cause. If we show the Incoming Caller ID, i.e. the number of the person calling, the receptionist will without fail be able to press 1 when their phone rings to accept the call. However, If we changed that to Called Number things start to go down hill. For some specific receptionist they will be unable to accept the call no matter how many times they press 1. In fact, sometimes the call just automatically disconnects. This odd behaviour also exhibits itself if you append a series of digits either before or after a phone number. We would prefer to have the called number show so that we know its a Ring Central call, but at a minimum we need an appended number to show to provide that designation but neither work. We are in the process of testing this behaviour with 35 receptionists but at this point the problem does oddly seem to be limited to iPhones as well. There was a past issue with DTMF tones not being sent but we have tested the fix for that issue to no avail. However, since changing a setting on the site triggers the issue to start and stop it seems like it might not be the phone after all. Taking any suggestions please!

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Hmmm...that is strange behavior. I would highly suggest contacting Technical Support so that they can gather recent Call Samples and check the DTMF tones to verify it's working properly
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