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"Conference" Feature A Disaster!

This is NOT a "question" and it CERTAINLY is not "praise"! RingCentral conference call disaster! I tried to use the conference call feature for a telephonic conference. It was a disaster. Intermittent crosstalk from some other conversation drifted in and out, rendering our conversation unintelligible. After a frustrating and embarassing minute I had to shout repeated suggestions to the other participants to pursue alternative arrangements. Never did succeed in reconnecting all participants. Terrible! How can I ever use this "service" again? How can I "invite" people I need to confer with to a session of pure frustration and embarrassment? How can I know that's not what I'm doing whenever I try to use RingCentral? Conference capability is part of what I am paying you for. You have one very unhappy customer. And this "posting" is supposed to substitute for a complaint policy? You have one very doubly unhappy customer.

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I'd like to suggest that rather than declaring Conference feature a disaster - it is very possible you need to look at your own network QOS settings and maybe get some hands on training from your Customer Success Manager or Account Rep at RingCentral?   

We have thousands of users that use Conference feature on RingCentral daily or weekly without any of the issues you detailed in your complaint above. 

You did not say what your setup is and how many users you have and/or what  your local network QOS settings you have checked to eliminate that as the source of your issues. 

Maybe go do some troubleshooting first, or open a Support ticket for assistance might be good places to get towards a satisfactory resolution.

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