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No contacts in RC desktop app because the "feature" isn't available yet

I noticed when I installed the RC app for desktop that I had zero contacts available (the RC App for ios does, as does the RC Phone desktop and Meetings app).

Today I relented and reached out to RC support. I had a lengthy chat discussion with Maribel. She took control of my screen so she could see first hand that I had no contacts populating in the RC App. After going back and forth on screen-share playing with the app, she decided to consult with someone on her team. The end result was her coming back to tell me that the RC Desktop app contacts "feature" wasn't available yet but it was being worked on.

IE - the RC app you use to communicate with people - calling, SMS etc has no functionality to load or sync contacts, essentially rendering the app pretty close to useless. I know this can't be right, RC isn't going to release an app that you can't use.

I see posts in the support forum about random contacts issues, issues with certain address books syncing or the mobile and desktop contacts dont match but not one post wondering why there's no ability to use contacts at all.

What am I missing?

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You aren't missing anything. The desktop "RC App" is a phone application without any phone contacts management. It's been this way for over a year. Some might consider this a necessary function for any softphone-capable application, but RingCentral is apparently more focused on becoming a Slack competitor.
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We were told the software would implement this "feature" in Q2 of 2019 and we're still here waiting. Looks like we're the ones who are crazy.
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Thanks for confirming this. That is absolutely nuts. 
Well at least I know I'm not crazy.
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You're right, we are crazy. I'd love to hear the thought process behind this. Was the thinking that we would use 3 desktop apps (calling/texting, meetings and internal communication)? 
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I really would like to use the new desktop RC App, I really would. The tabs + side-scrolling drill-down navigation on RC Phone is dreadfully impossible to use when trying to text multiple clients at the same time. I also experience a lost of copy/paste issues as it doesn't seem to use native Windows copy/paste functionality, not to mention not using Windows native spellcheck functionality. I also get SMS sorting issues at times -- like every time I send an SMS, the program has to chronologically re-order the messages in the window.

Not only is the newer app missing phone contacts management (like you pointed out), it is completely missing the ability to choose the phone number you want to text from. This makes the new app nothing more than an internal toy. We were told Outbound SMS caller ID was planned for Q2, then Q3 and now is pushed to Q4. Honestly, if Google Hangouts had a better API, I'd probably just use that.

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I find the "Glip" clumsy to get around and not user friendly. The "Ring" version is so much better on Desktop, mobile or online its all the same visually and functionally. Im very frustrated. 
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