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Can't login on my account. IN ALL OF MY DEVICES

Hi All!

I can't sign in on my account and I keep on receiving that my account is disabled. I tried to talk to the chat support and the only thing he said to me is that I need a card verification for my account BUT the account that I'm using is connected to my Gmail account. I'm using Ring Central for FREE. So, I'm logging in using my gmail account. But last week, I can't login on all of my devices.

Anyone knows how can I fix it?

Can't contact all the support numbers - I don't know why? Is it because I'm in PH?

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Hi Mikaela, 

You should still be able to contact Support via phone at 1-888-898-4591 even if you're in the Philippines! Have you tried opening a case via our support portal?

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Hi Jessica,

Unfortunately, I can't contact that number. Tried calling all the customer support numbers including the sales number but the number is incorrect.

Yes, I already did but the support can't answer my questions. Do you know where can I contact someone that knows/idea about my issue in my account?

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You're not able to log in because your account has been disabled-- I can't confirm why that is though, but our tech support team should be able to. Do you have a case number? 
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