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Dial-In Missing Host Controls When Join Before Host Enabled and a Participant Already in the Meeting

  1. Account type (U.S., Canada, UK, AT&T, Telus, BT) - US
  2. Related case number (if applicable) - 09748260
  3. Detailed description of problem -

If a host creates a meeting with the join before host option enabled and a participant enters the meeting before the host, and the host is calling in using dial-in only (no apps), there is no prompt to enter host code and no way to summon the prompt using any of the dialer options in the menu.

Because of the inability to assume the host controls, the host cannot end the meeting and occasionally people stay in the meeting after the meeting has actually concluded. The host then has another meeting they need to attend and dials that meeting but gets prompted that the host is in another meeting and to wait until they are out of that meeting. We then have to go either open his account or go into the other meeting as an assistant and shut that meeting down.

We are aware of the following fixes but we do want to know what is the state of this issue with dialin not able to assume host:

1. Create multiple additional accounts and schedule meetings on behalf of those other accounts and try to maintain those meetings not butting up against each other on the calendar with meetings needing to be moved around a lot.

2. Using the app with dial-in mode. This is probably going to be my suggested action but this particular host is highly mobile and the dial in is usually the fastest/best option.

4. Previous troubleshooting steps taken - Spent hours working with RC support on this, see ticket please.

6. Software version - N/A

7. Number of Users affected. - 1, our CEO.

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I think you're working with your CSM on this, but I'm sharing these details here for anyone else that runs into this issue:
Join Before Host must be turned off for scheduled meetings. Here are the DTMF tones you can use then: Meeting Host Controls DTMF

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