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Use RingOut to create an auto-dialer

I'm trying to build an automatic dialer for the collection team in our loans company.

The basic flow I'm trying to implement is:

a. Agent opens customer's account

b. Dialer starts placing calls by iterating through customer's phone numbers.

c. Agent is notified in real-time on call status (e.g via Pusher)

d. Agent picks up the phone when notified that call was answered on the recipient's end

I started looking at RingOut as a way to accomplish this and ran into a couple of issues:

a. According to docs ( polling call status should provide the current call status (for call, caller and callee). However, when I place a call, and I don't answer, the status I receive is Success for all three, which would indicate that both parties answered and the call is connected, when in fact I didn't answer either side.

b. The same thing happens when I subscribe to webhooks notifications. Both legs of the call are shown as status "Answered", when in fact I didn't answer. It might be worth mentioning that the callee side is being forwarded from a UK Twilio number into my mobile because I develop in Israel while the account in the UK, and sandbox credit can only be used locally.

c. On the caller side, I'm using the RingCentral Phone app. When I place a call I see a message on the app saying there is an active call in progress, even though I never answered myself. How does it work with a physical device? Does the agent have to pick up before the recipient receives the call (in which case RingOut is probably not the solution)?

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Hey Matfish2, 

I would post this over on our developer community
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