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Getting charged to transfer callers to another company

On our last billing statement I noticed we are now getting charged $54.99 to have user's that are 3rd party companies with their own numbers. We also have users set up with our service at phonewagon that just sends texts with specific information.

For example, if a customer calls in on IVR and opts for a service we do not provide that person can opt to press a key that goes to another company off our network with a user account we created. If a customer calls in an opts for an automatic text enabling them to submit a certain form that caller gets redirected to an extension on Phone Wagon that automatically texts that caller.

Last billing cycle our bill doubled from around $650 close to $1300. This will potentially lead to a problem as for the past 10 years we were not charged the $54.99 per user.

Im looking for some sort of an option here that would work better with our company or we may have to find an alternative phone system that is more cost efficient.

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Ralph, because the Community isn't the best place to inquire about this issue, we've made this thread private and we'll be connecting with your account manager to assist you. 

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Hi Becky, I was already contacted by her on the 26th.  I just send her a detailed email of our concerns.
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