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Problems with RingCentral Meetings App

The RingCentral App is not allowing the video to be displayed from the recipient. The recipient states that they can see themselves, but I cannot see them. Seems to be a bug. Tried everything. This has been an ongoing issue with people during a video conference. I am now on with a client for 36 minutes trying to make the video work, it has been impossible. AND I pay for the upgraded system per month. Looks like I should consider cancelling and going back to ZOOM, it is probably a better system with less bugs. Sometimes if the recipient logs into the Meeting App via their mobile phone, the camera comes up and I can see them. No idea why, but this is NOT the first time this has occurred. Audio works fine, but video is non-existent and cannot figure out the reason why.

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Hi @Now Hiring You

Could you please elaborate on what the problem is? Also, could you specify which app version, and OS version, both you and the other participants were using?

Please include a video or screencast ( Loom is free and easy to use) if possible, because that helps us understand the problem better. 
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Samudra, this is a typical support request.  This is very simple.  The camera image does not display on my screen.    Can you tell us if others have had this problem and what you are doing about it?
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It looks like the version is
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Both of us were using Windows 10.
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I still don't quite understand the problem. Both of you had turned on your camera, but neither of you could see each other?

No, we have not had any complaints of not being able to see the other person's video. Please create a support case for this. 
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Today I completely removed the Ring Central Meetings App and reinstalled.  THat did not help .
Rather than continue back and forth, why don't you call me so we can fix this?  Or cancel my service and I'll go back to ZOOM.
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