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Android App Not Clearing Read Glip Messages from Desktop

I am nearing the end of my trial period and I have decided that, although lacking, it doesn't pay to start using the separate phone and meeting apps if they will soon be discontinued. So, if I stay with RC, I am just going to use the Universal Glip apps on my Android and Windows 10 PC and wait for the additional features to be ported over.

I currently use MS Teams for team messaging but would probably switch to Glip just to have everything in one place. Glip is definitely INFERIOR to MS Teams in several areas:

1) Presence - MS Teams makes a distinction if someone is idle (yellow) vs. offline (gray). Glip doesn't.

2) E-Mail Notifications - MS Teams seems smarter about when I am idle and will therefore send me e-mails more accurately for missed messages. I often don't get e-mails when I miss a Glip message - even after the programmed 15 minutes.

3) Your status is not shown in the system tray icon.

4) Syncing Phone with Android - If MS Teams is open on my desktop and active, my phone just seems to "know" not to beep on an incoming Teams message. It is almost like there is a slight delay. With Glip, my desktop and phone "ding" at the same time for each message. When I was speaking with an RC Tier 2 tech person yesterday, he explained that is the intended behavior. OK so I will accept that. But......

When the messages are read on the desktop app, my Android still shows an unread Glip message that only disappears after I swipe it away - regardless of how much time has passed. That is a bit frustrating.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution? Thanks.

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GLIP is terrible. On spec., it looks good. Functionally it needs improved product road map and serious QA with common use cases and then also specific integrations use cases. It is not ready for prime time and we will not be releasing it to our end users. It would create confusion, annoyance, Suport cases, frustration and more work. - Customer since 1/6/2020
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There is value to having a single solution for phone/meetings/team messaging. If I never saw MS Teams, I would think Glip was great. Now I just need to determine if the deficiencies in Glip are offset by having a universal app. There dont seem to be too many other providers that offer all three services in one software. Maybe 8x8 or Jive. Not sure.
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