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Partial fax sent, but confirmation received - anyone else experience this?

Our team is concerned that not every fax is being completely sent as a result of two medical providers calling to inform us that some faxes we've sent are missing pages (e.g. a 5 page sent fax is only sending 4 pages).

With our previous fax service, we had a common issue where certain images, or files with certain contrast and page coverage, would cause the fax to fail completely. It seems like those same files, when sent through RingCentral, send and produce a confirmation but not all pages are being received. Most of the time, it's a photo of a legal document with poor lighting that causes these issues. It's as if the shading/shadows on the document bug the system out.

All faxes that we send out are well under 20 MB and are always PDFs.

We use RingCentral Desktop (GLIP) for all of our faxing.

The problem is that we regularly use our fax confirmations during the litigation of client matters (we're a small plaintiff law firm). We're afraid that the faxes we send aren't being received in full which would result in some significant issues later in a case's life.

Does anyone else have an issue with certain fax pages not sending while the rest of the document sends?

Thank you!

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Hello Cody!

Please contact our Support Team to investigate the issue.

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Opening a ticket. Thank you!
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Just wondering if the name of the attached file include any ampersands (e.g. &) or other special characters? 

From March 10, 2020 Knowledge base article entitled: "How to Resolve Partially Received/Sent Fax Issues | RingCentral"   "Partially Sent Faxes...The file name of attached files should not include ampersands (e.g. &) or other special characters."

Also, since you indicated any lost page could result in significant issues, in addition to contacting the Support Team as indicated by the Official Rep, please consider developing procedures to address any potential human error on the part of the recipient.  (Page(s) misplaced/misfiled, thrown out with junk faxes, slipped under fax machine or behind desk, etc.)

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Carlos - thank you for the advice! Our internal CRM and document management system doesn't allow for symbols in files names (e.g. &, ;, ,). Most of our file names have cryptic, alphanumeric names for security reasons. One of the sent files, that experienced the partial send, was named EluQG6CXzN.pdf.
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