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Broadcasting faxes using distribution list residing in O365 public folder or distribution list residing in AD


Hope someone can answer my question related to fax broadcasting using distribution lists in Exchange online public folders or AD group. I am trying to broadcast faxes using my Outlook client (email to fax feature). We are on O365 (Exchange online) and we still use public folders in O365. These public folders contain distribution lists with contacts that were created for faxing ( We have over 700 pharmacies across the country and we have to send faxes to them on a regular basis. We used to have an internal fax server that was configured to use distribution lists from O365 Exchange Online. We phased out that server and now I am trying to implement similar feature using RingCentral faxing platform. Everything works fine if I would enter 700 addresses in; .... format while creating an email in my Outlook but it is not practical to enter 700 address in the "TO: " field. I would like to select a distribution list or AD group that would contain all these contacts with emails configured for faxing in format. The problem is that when I select distribution list from the public folder or select a group from AD faxes are not getting send. It seems to me that RingCentral faxing is not converting this distribution list or AD group into list of contacts with email addresses configured for faxing. I most likely missing something in understanding how RingCentral faxing operates but hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Just wanted to add that everything is working fine in online portal and we were authorized to broadcast faxes to our stores. I imported all my 700 contacts into an online platform, created groups and I can fax fine to these groups from online (web interface). This issue is relevant to "email to fax" feature when I am using my Outlook.


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Hi there!

We can check what causes it!
However, I noticed that you haven't open any case yet regarding this issue. 

Please open a case so our Technical Support will contact you at your most convenient time.

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