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MacOS Security update 2020-002 freezes Meetings

We have had ~80 users who updated MacOS Security update 2020-002. Now whenever they attend a meeting with RC Meetings app, the app crashes and the computer shuts down.

It might just be a correlation but the evidence seems consistent with the update breaking RC Meetings.

We've blocked the update for the rest of our users, but MacOS does not let you roll back. Is there an update for RC Meetings in the pipeline to address this? Has anybody else seen this? Ticket #10500087

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We are also starting to get reports of this from several of our users as well. Can confirm everyone that is reporting the issue has had the 2020-002 applied. I have an open ticket from yesterday, but will update and reference yours as well. 
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Hello Andre!

I noticed we don't have an open case for this issue. If we are experiencing the same issue, allow us to help you. 

Please create a case here.

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Thanks - I opened a case under a different account (we have multiple) and that ticket number is: Case #10497256
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Alright, thanks! Please continue working with them too. 
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The response on my ticket told me to uninstall and reinstall the software.. I've done that 60 times already. Was hoping to get a more confident response while we leave a large number of students unable to learn.
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Contacted our account rep, the case was escalated, and they appear to be currently investigating. I also can confirm now that this is not an issue if you upgrade to Catalina. Unfortunately we cannot upgrade any users to Catalina.
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Thank you, I am happy that this is not isolated to us. I have a ticket open with Apple Enterprise Services as well. I have also tried the RingCentral Meetings version 19.4.151920.1217 (the logging version that support uses) which did not resolve the issue either. All of our users are on 10.14.4-6 Mojave, are any of your users on Catalina? 
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No, we are not on Catalina. We are seeing this on 10.13.6 High Sierra and 10.14.6 Mojave.
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Hello Kyle,

Apologies, I will send a follow-up email to the owner of your case and please continue working with them. 

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