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Does anyone we invite to a meeting have to whitelist the IP address: starting April 12th to join a meeting?

I'm in the U.S. and opened case #10564658 about this topic.

I received an email from RingCentral on Monday 4/6 saying that by Sunday 4/12 I need to have my network admin whitelist the IP address

After contacting support to clarify, it sounds like they are saying anyone I invite to a RingCentral Meeting (internal or external) will also have to whitelist this IP address in their firewall or they may not be able to join the meeting, but I'm worried their may be some miscommunication here.

I can't imagine setting up a meeting with a new recruit and sending them a link to a RingCentral meeting along with instructions on how to whitelist an IP address. Is this real?

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Weaver - this would apply to companies who only allow access to specific IP addresses or address ranges on the Internet, and block everything else. In that scenario meetings could fail because the new address needs to be added to the permit list. Many (and possibly most) companies allow all traffic going out their firewall except for what they have specifically blocked, in which case the new IP address will just work with no action required.  The other reason customers need to know about the new IP is if you have implemented Quality of Service (QoS) configuration on your network equipment to "mark" and give priority to RingCentral voice and meeting traffic then you will need to add that new IP to your configurations so that it also gets prioritized (we are in that scenario).

Short story - most of the public will not need to take any action, but larger companies and those with tight network security may need to.
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Glad to help - the techs who run support are good folks but they don't have context for some of the answers that they have in their documentation. Stay safe!
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Jeff, you're amazing! Thank you for providing such a clear explanation! I had been going back and forth with support and what they were saying was as clear as mud. This is much more helpful. I appreciate it!
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Thanks Jeff, back at ya!
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