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Duration of voicemail recording times - User Experiences - Ongoing Product Concern

Limiting voicemail talking times to 3 minutes MAX seems outdated. Professionals often need to leave important updates specific to a client or to explain a situation prior to a meeting. This is quite common in many industries and situations in which the tone of the message is especially relevant to the 'next step'.

Currently the experience for RingCentral users is...the caller gets abruptly cut off after 3 minutes (with no option to continue), they have to hang up, call back, select extension, remember where they left off and effectively continue their voicemail message. This seems overly and unnecessarily inefficient for the caller and for myself as the receiver of the voicemails.

As the receiver, I have to exit from the VM screen- go back to menu, locate where in the multiple voicemails the last one left off (as they are not numbered in a manner that allows me to see where I was last nor does it automatically forward to the next unheard voicemail).

It seems reasonable to me that businesses should be able to shorten or lengthen the duration of their voicemail recording times. As a consumer and a business owner, I believe managing your own voicemail recording times would be an excellent feature to market to future and existing users. What do you think? Thank you for your attention to this ongoing product concern.

**I see that Ring Central has been receiving feedback about this for over 5 years, yet the issue remains. I have reached out in the past and have heard that it is a "good idea" or "is being considered". Perhaps my concern is industry specific, but I can speak for myself and others users I have talked with and this issue is the one common complaint I hear. Please update.

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