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Inbound call display, call log

There was a post about this from a Canadian customer back in 2018, but I am not sure if it was resolved. We have reached out to support, and went as far a level 2 tech support, albeit I get the feeling the technician could not grasp what my issue is. When we receive a call all we can see is the city of the caller. Once clicking on more information it is we can retrieve the number. This is not acceptable in my books, and after reaching out to support for months with no results I am getting ready to leave this platform. Worst part, the support technician kept using the phrase 'limitations of the CNAM system'. This has nothing to do with CNAM. Has anyone else run into this, and how did you resolve it. The last picture is an illustration of what I am expecting the incoming calls to look like, and the way the show up when I receive a call on my phone.

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