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Show recipient User AND number in email notifications for new text message

Wondering if there is an option somewhere, or if not plans to implement the ability to see the number a text message was sent to in email notifications for text messages. We have quite a few Company numbers that all go to a SMS dump via the Auto Receptionist general settings since we don't want our sites to receive texts. Those email notifications only ever show the user, not the number the message was sent to. This would be helpful for diagnosing where miscommunications are happening in the field.

A log of SMS activity company-wide would be majorly beneficial as well.

US Company, RingCentral Office Standard.

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Do your text messages to your RingCentral number display contact name? I was actually in here searching because text messages from other RingCentral contacts only display their number, but if they call me or leave a voicemail I see their name mapped as expected.

Is there a way to turn on contact name mapping for Text Messages that I'm not seeing?
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I just tested texting to one of our other contacts from my app to the other contact's cell number, full DID, and extension only. It appears email alerts will display "From" contact info without the number if the contact is in your address book. If they're not in your cloud address book, the email alert will only show their number in email alerts and the RC Phone desktop app. Didn't test with the full RingCentral desktop app. The mobile app does parse local contacts though, and the name shows up properly there if they're one of your personal contacts.

Regardless, it would be helpful to see both the contact name (if any) and the number for both sender and recipient. I have a few numbers assigned to me and it's impossible to determine which numbers are receiving the messages.
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