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Forward phone to more than two users

Multiple call forwarding for user extension is now limited to 2 phones if the users are members of the call queue. This call forwarding limitation alert is a recent update to our system.

This is causing problems for us. I see no reason we cannot forward calls to more than one user including the user we are forwarding from. We occasional forward to two users when one is out of the office. I want to leave the original user number left on to catch any voicemails if the other two cannot pick up the call, or the caller wants to leave a voicemail for the person out of the office.

For example, we have users A, B and C. C is on vacation; we want to leave Cs phone on to catch any voicemails, and forward calls to both A and B. As it works now, we can forward to A and B, but have to remove Cs number from accepting calls. This is unacceptable and a step backward in service to RingCentral customers.

Please allow us to again be able to forward to more that two numbers at a time.

Thank You

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