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Why can't I use 2 company phone lines with 1 Ring Central App?

I own 2 companies that use Ring Central. I currently have 2 versions of the Ring Central apps on my Iphone. I was just notified that as of June 12th, we are not going to be able to use the 2nd app and therefore I will have to switch from Ring Central to a competitor because of this. I want to have the ability to answer calls for my different companies all from one cell phone and not have to use 2 cell phones. It's very surprising that this is not a feature. I've worked with Ring Central tech support and they tell me it can't currently be done. Is that accurate?

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We operate multiple companies with one account.  Use "Sites" for each company.  Company "A" will be a site, and company "B" will be a site.  You will setup an IVR for each site that says thank you for calling company A, or thank you for calling company B.....You can setup Queues attached to each IVR.  Your personal extension will remain the same for each company, so you may want to keep your extension voicemail neutral like: "Hi, you have reached the voicemail of Michael. Please leave a message."  If you voicemail system is setup to email you, the email will show which phone number/IVR the customer called, so you know how to approach the call back (via company A or company B).

The only trick is on outgoing calls.  You can only access the Caller ID of outgoing phone calls of the current site you are logged into.  So, if you want to call a customer back from company A, you need to make sure you go into settings and select your current site as Company A.  It is a little annoying, because you have to then save the change, then logout and then log back in of app to apply the change.  Now your outgoing calls will have the caller id(s) of Company A to choose from.  If you want to return a call of a customer from company B, you would do the same thing, but select site Company B.

If you utilize both deskphones and phone apps, a shortcut would be to make the deskphone caller id the "main company number" which will point to phone number/site of Company A, and the phone app defaulted to Company B for the site.  That way return calls for Company A can be done by deskphone and return calls for Company B can be done via phone app.  *** again, this is just a shortcut, as you do what I mentioned above if you only use phone app.

Remember, the above solution allows you to answer phone calls from both sites (companies)... it doesn't matter what site your phone app is set to, because you are personally logged into each queue.  Also, it is nice because the phone app shows the queue name that was called when a customer is calling in, so you know how to answer the phone.   If they call your personal extension, it shows the phone number that the customer called, so if you know what phone number goes to which company, you also know how to answer.

Hope this helps.
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