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How does a company get there legitimate phone number removed from the Ring Central scam list?

I received a recent call from Dell Support Technician and the phone number came up as Possible Scammer Robo call on my Ring Central Caller ID. I was waiting for contact from Dell to have a computer repaired. I was glad the tech email mailed me back to follow up on my Service Ticket. After he emailed me back, I did a google search for the phone number and it appears to be a valid Dell number. What information can I send the tech that he may be able to submit to his Dell company manger to have their phone number validated with RingCentral so it can be removed from the RingCentral Scam call logs?

I do not think it is appropriate to post the Dell phone number on this board, all I'd like is be able to get the RingCentral process on getting the number removed.

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