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I run medical and legal business on RingCenter because it is claimed HIPAA USA Complaint

When RingCenter upgraded I lost my work product the medical and legal but I did not receive a HIPAA breach note from RingCenter.. we in USA have Red Flag rules and HipAA note. what to do now? Nabil G Guirguis MD Ms3 CPE. RingCenter is a global company that is based on Zoom software and there are rising security concerns among the Americans about Zoom.. Further, you buy RingCenter software to control your business and you find yourself can not even update the emergency address as an admin.. try later and later never exist.. Why all this shit of corporate control of a software that at the beginning was a real success and now I feel i live in china with notes that many false and marshal orders none sense and wait on line to talk to anyone who can make any sense or even care.. too bad the future of RingCenter in the modern USA market is bad. I tried to submit a report. it tells me incomplete field... hmmmmmm.. apparently there was an invisible field that the communist RingCenter can only see. I have a picture of the digital fraud. Pretend we offer a venue to report but guess what you digitally will never be able to report nothing that we do not want you to report

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Please send an email to us at to share a bit more information about this issue. 
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