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port / transfer number in from Google Fi

I am trying to port / transfer my Google Fi phone number to RingCentral. I have followed the published Google Fi instructions to initiate this, including unlocking the number from my Google Fi account. When I go to transfer the number into RingCentral for our VoiP phone service, it gives me this message "The phone number you entered cannot be transferred at this time. If you still would like to have the number work with your RingCentral service, you may forward your calls from your current number to your RingCentral account."

I've contacted Google support, and they tell me it is unlocked and should be ready to go. I contacted RingCentral support, and they told me everything is fine on their end. So now I'm in this loop of not being able to transfer my number since both companies point at the other one as the issue.

Note: Google did give me an account / password to transfer the number out. However, I can't even get that far on the RingCentral end to even need this info, as the error message comes up as soon as I enter the number that I am trying to transfer. Is there a way to bypass this workflow and include the required Google account # and password when I submit the request to transfer the number in so that I can move forward with this?

Anyone have any experience with this?

Thank you - Doug


porting and number transfer
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Hi Doug, did you ever figure out how to port in the GV to RingCentral?

Regards, Ron Kain

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