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jena8142 asked Tracey Bryan commented

network unstable

With Ring Central App people are getting network unstable messages and calls are dropping. This didn't happen with the RC Phone app. PLEASE FIX THIS.

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Cristiane Pereira avatar image Cristiane Pereira commented ·

same issue here.

ring central how about an official answer ?

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jena8142 avatar image jena8142 commented ·
No one else is having this issue?
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chris-phillips13191 avatar image chris-phillips13191 commented ·

Hi Jena, did you ever find a fix for this issue? I've got one user that's using an iPhone 11 and was fine until earlier this week when they started receiving the "Network is unstable" error and not being able to place/receive calls. Updated to iOS14 last week, but the issue didn't present itself until days later.

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jena8142 avatar image jena8142 commented ·

I never got an answer. :(

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Shannon Skevakis avatar image Shannon Skevakis commented ·

@chris-phillips13191 I had this happen to my iPhone 11 recently and I have NOT upgraded to iOS14. I am on 13.7. Saturday 10/17 I had unstable network and same on Monday 10/19. I use ring central app on my iphone‘s cell network NOT WiFi for work because I travel all over the state. I call clients from where ever I am to let them know I am on my way and I don’t want them to have my personal number. Called Ring Central and after logging out of app ad loving back in and trying, they said it was my cellular bandwidth problem. Called Sprint and they recommended I do a cell service/network update, so I did. Nothing changed. I am going to try to use my iPad for calling out today for work. See if that works.

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Cristiane Pereira avatar image Cristiane Pereira Shannon Skevakis commented ·

same issue, also on sprint, is sprint blocking something? had this issue for 3 months now!!

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Jerry Gifford answered Jerry Gifford edited

I have been having the same issue. Network unstable and drop the call unless I am on wifi. That is unacceptable to me as I use the app to remain mobile and not tethered to a location with wifi. I called Ringcentral and they were as much help as a kick in the teeth. The guy wanted to have the sales rep call me back. Go figure, I had to explain it is a tech issue and specifically request tech support. After over an hour on hold waiting I decided to uninstall the app, clear the cache and reboot my phone to clear any memory of the settings. Then I reinstalled the app and now it works fine. Gotta tell you I was about to call Ooma office as I NEED the mobile app for my business.

By the way, when reinstalling the app, turn your wifi OFF. I think it is a setting in the app that it looks for wifi for whatever reason. My thinking is that if the app is installed without having the ability to see wifi it won't activate the setting. I don't know for sure the why bit it seemed to work for me at least for now.

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Becky-Community_Manager answered

@Cristiane Pereira @Tracey Bryan Did either of you try @Jerry Gifford's work around above?
If that doesn't work, we would recommend reaching out to Support directly.

Let us know how it goes!

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