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I have a small business online food ordering and delivery with local restaurant, and we do not have physical landline fax, actually we don't need that. I saw you have an online fax function. So my question is how to work with online fax, and how to from our website background automatic send online fax to the restaurant. For example, when you submit the order to our website, and website will send customer confirmation email, and also website background well automatic sent the order number and food name to the restaurant, is that make sense? If that is possible, how to connect my website background to the online fax? Do you have technical support with my account api? Just like authorize, if connect the web should need the api and Generated Key that's goanna be work. So, if that is possible, how to get the API, because I need give my engineer clear answer.

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Hello Kraig!

Welcome to the RingCentral Developer Community.

The short answer to your question of "...can this be done?", is a resounding "YES" (but that is dependent upon how the system is architected and what you are trying to achieve). Your description helps, but it still leaves too many variables unaccounted which results in the inability to answer with 100% confidence.

Some good questions to start with would be:

1. Are you currently a RingCentral customer?

2. If you are, what is your main company number please?

3. If you are a RingCentral customer, does your RingCentral service-level meet the minimum requirements to access the Platform?
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Well, I just get the Office Premium plan, and my question is how to get the API access code or Token key? thanks!
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The answer looks it will work. Well, my engineer told me they use the Java to building the website, that's only I know information, and if you need more, let me keep update the info for you.I will be ringcentral customer right now, because i need make that clear, then i can purchase. Thanks very much.

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So, if that is JAVA will work for this api? thanks!
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The RingCentral API is a modern, RESTful API using JSON for HTTP request bodies.

Java is able to be written to work with this API, and some members of our developer community use Java to author their applications.

You might want to provide your developers with the link to our API documentation so they can review and determine if the use-case you are trying to solve is achievable based on the available functionality of the RingCentral Connect API:

You asked about RingCentral API's fax abilities:!#RefFaxMessages...

The question of how to architect the software for what you are trying to solve is outside the scope of this conversation.

If you would like to become a customer, you start that process here: and determine which level of service is right for your needs. Please keep in mind that only Office Premium and Office Enterprise accounts have immediate access to the RingCentral Connect API. If you have any further questions about becoming a customer, please use the links in the Plans and Pricing page to communicate with an account executive.
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Well, I don't think we need the physical landline and phone call, and we only need the online fax from website to landline, so can I use this plan? and this will have API support? thanks!
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