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Outbound Call issue

I was trying to make outbound phone call from the ring central desktop application. When the call is ringing on my mobile the subscription notification is starting up and providing all the details for the specific call.


in the JSON data i received only the main company phone number as the from number on the JSON data? why it is not showing the actual phone number which i am dialing from 9295755408 to my mobile number. Is there any way to get this details on the subscription?

How 3rd application will know for this call is made from which user or extension

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How are the Caller ID rules setup in your account?

Are you using RingOut via the API to place this call? If you are, could you provide the code you're using to make this RingOut API request?

Could you provide the subscription notification you're receiving please as well as the call log information for this call?
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No i was using the Ring central desktop application to make the outbound call, i am receiving the following information in the subscription with the main company number.

I am not sure how the Caller ID rules has been setup?

"id": "ea5800335f7843f2a6913ef3e3a3b1c6",       
"direction": "Outbound",
     "from": "+15188315172",
        "to": "+15614097222",
        "telephonyStatus": "NoCall",
        "sessionId": "14593852004",

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Take a look at this article, and make sure you understand how your organization's CID is setup (or to make modifications for a specific user extension):

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I have not checked the call log information, i was sending the data which i am receiving it from the subscription events.
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Is there any way to identify the call is receiving for which extension? because when the main company number comes in the caller ID how the 3rd party application will know for which user or extension the call is received?
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You can use the 'sessionId' property as that is unique across multiple legs of a call. Does that answer your last question?
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Developer sandbox tools

Using the RingCentral Phone for Desktop, you can dial or receive test calls, send and receive test SMS or Fax messages in your sandbox environment.

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