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Call Recording URL - Does call have to be completed first?

We have a CRM Call Logging app and want to include the url of the call recording as one of the things we log. From reading through the docs, I see this can be obtained using the


It seems that the callRecordId needed for this url is different then the sessionId we receive in the presence events. Is their a different api method to go by sessionId or will i need to use

/restapi/v1.0/account/{accountId}/extension/{extensionId}/call-log  with ?dateFrom=###&phoneNumber=###

Second, when does the recording url become available? Is it immediately upon start of call or at the end of the call. Note: I'm just talking about the url not the actual audio file.

For technical reasons with how our app works it'd be much easier if we could get the recording url when the call begins. It would allow us to get the url asynchronously and our call event processing loop.

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For your first question, correct and that is the only sessionId.

For the second question, it takes about 3-5 minutes for the audio file and call-log entry to be available.

You won't be able to receive the call recording ID when the call begins with our current API, but I will share this with the API PM for consideration.
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