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Need better reporting for call tracking

Need better reporting for call tracking, I have a request to be able to pull multiple extensions on the Detailed call log. Currently there is an option for all Extensions or select an extension. I need to have the ability to pull multiple extensions and be able to report on them.

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Can you describe your use case a bit more? Given that we support all extensions and per single extensions, in what situations are you looking to retrieve a set of extensions?

  • Are the extensions you need to pull related, e.g. are they part of a call queue?
  • About how many extensions do you need to pull at a time? Out of how many total extensions?
  • Do you need this on a historical basis or ongoing basis, or both?
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Hi John,
It appears that the call que reporting is for inbound call reporting only.  Our customer service center really needs a way to also track the outbound callls per que user as well as those included in the call queue report data.  Its part of their metrics of what they do.  We only have about 8-10 people, but scouring the call logs and doing each user extension one at a time and counting up all their calls to get that number, with as slow as of a process it is makes the need for a part time person just to gather that info.  this is a daily report so it only needs to be for the previous day.
Do you know of anything thats already made to do this, would be greatly appreciated.
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There may be several solutions to your custom reporting needs described below. Let us know which path or paths you would like to explore and we can provide more information.

Providing more specifics about your reporting requirements including aggregations will be of a great help.

1) Existing analytics service integration

For a ready-made solution, you may want to check out the Yellowfin business intelligence solution which has a RingCentral connector linked below. It is a BI tool that imports RingCentral call data, supporting call summaries, queue activity, and user activity.

2) Custom development using APIs

If you wish to build your own solution, something could be done using the following steps:
  • retrieving the day's call logs for the desired queue users
  • augmenting the data where necessary to run your searches
  • indexing it in a document-based search engine or database, e.g. ElasticSearch, Algolia, or Mongo DB
  • running your desired search queries / reports
  • aggregate data as desired
3) Custom development via RingCentral Professional Services

If you have custom reporting needs and wish RingCentral to create these reports, our PS team is very capable and has built custom reporting solutions for customers.

4) Feature request

We can always take your request as a feature request too depending on your requirements.
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