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RingCentral in ASP.Net Web Application

We are software development company and one of our client want to integrate RingCentral in our CRM application developed in ASP.Net. How we can integrate RingCentral in our web application for outgoing and incoming calls, queue handling and SMS integration. If we can get integration documentation for implementing RingCentral, any API documentation, sample code in .Net for implementing the above mentioned features and Steps to test the implementation will be great.

Looking forward for the reply.

rest api
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You probably want to start over here:

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Thanks John, Now I am able to access the link provided.
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Thanks for your reply Brandon.
Is it possible to integrate RingCentral in Web Application to make outgoing and receive incoming Call. Does API support these features, is there any step by step guide available for implementing above mentioned features.

From the link provided i couldn't understand whether RingCentral can be implemented in ASP.Net web applications.

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Ashok,  We have a Developers Community that is for the purpose of answering questions related to 3rd party integrations. They'll be able to better answer your questions.  I'll move this post to that Community for you.

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Hi Ashok,

RingCentral can certainly be used to make outgoing and receive incoming calls via a web application. It's easy to make outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls in web application using client-side code using our JavaScript SDK and we have examples for this. For some of these actions, you can also have the commands executed on the server-side via the C# SDK.

RingCentral can also be implemented as an ASP.Net application via our C# .NET SDK which can be accessed from other languages on .NET as well.

Making Outgoing Calls

You can make outgoing calls from a web app in two primary ways: (a) WebRTC where your webapp handles the audio stream directly or (b) RingOut where RingCentral's backend service will connect to any number of your choice.

Receiving Incoming Calls

To receive a call directly within your web app, you can use our WebRTC capability which will let the user connect to their RingCentral service directly from the web and receive the call in your app.

Receiving Incoming Call Notifications

In a web application, this is typically done by creating a subscription to receive presence events. Once you receive an event your application can optionally extract the caller Id and bring up the caller's details.

The calls for this can be received any of your devices, e.g. softphone, webphone (WebRTC), desk phone, mobile phone, etc.

We have some sample code for the above:

JS Web App Demo

JavaScript web app demo with making outgoing calls with RingOut and receiving incoming call notifications via subscriptions

WebRTC Web Phone Demo

In the above URL for our WebRTC SDK, there is a demo app that can make and receive calls.

Server-Side Subscription Basics Demo

In addition to the JS CTI demo above which includes client-side subscription, the demo provides a Node.js based server-side subscription demo.
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Hi John,

The WebRTC link you provided is unaccessible, throwing 404 error. Can you kindly share any other reference if you have for WebRTC.

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