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Connecting via SIP with a TAPI Bridge

Good Morning all.

So, Ive hit a minor road block and Im REALLY hoping the community can assist with this.

I have a legacy CRM application that used to connect to our old Dialer system via TAPI.

Now, Ive searched and before a RC Official Rep says it, yes, I know, TAPI is not supported by Ring Central.

However, SIP is supported...

So, I have found SIPTAPI (Previously referenced and responded to by @Benjamin Dean).

However, its 9mths old and really does not cover anything about how and whether it could/can connect.

In principle, as long as I have SIP Domain, User, Password then all should be fine.

  • SIP Domain:
  • User: [my phone number]
  • Password: [My Password for RC]
  • Extension: [Optional]

However, it appears as though its trying to connect but getting either rejected from the SIP platform, or hanging for some reason.

Now, one answer might be that SIPTAPI is classed as a SIP device, and has not been authorised/cleared to connect therefore its not gone through testing and as Ive not written it, thats going to clearly be a problem.

It also might be, and the answer Im very much hoping for, is that Ive entered in the wrong information somewhere.

I did read that you log in with your AuthID and Password....but not seen any confirmation.

Can someone please help on this?



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I could be wrong but if it's classified as a SIP Device by RC I would assume it would need to be authorized on the RingCentral side to connect as a device?  So you would need to add a MAC address for it and get an authorization id as if it were a non ringcentral phone?



SIP Domain

Outbound Proxy

User Name

full phone number, starting with 1 then the area code and number


UNbI9BEY assigned by the system, changeable later

Authorization ID

60428140012 assigned by the system

I haven't done this mind you it just seems like the next place to look.
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I agree with Lee D, but also don't feel this is the best way to do what you are wanting to do. It *may* work if you add a third party device and use the info and credentials from the new line though. See here if you want to try: it shows where you will get relevant info like:

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