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Ring Central problems with inbound events

Hey guys, so let me share an issue we have encountered with our RingCentral customer. A month ago a customer reached out with a problem regarding their inbound transfer scenario. It appears that we do not log the calls that their secretary receives, so we use one of our resources to get a stack of the events. At a first look I believe that some events do not log in our system because of how we parse the events, when I gave a second look I noticed that we do not receive events for this calls.

For some reason, we receive inbound events for other numbers, but when we call from the root number we do not receive events for this inbound call or for and transfer that happens thereafter. My question is: Are there configurations or blockers in such a scenario?

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How did you write the code to listen to inbound events? If you are using subscription service, you need to specify the event filters:!#RefGetDetailedExtensionPresenceEvent   You need to specify all the extensions that you want to receive events. 

Please post more information if above doesn't help.
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So man, I take a look in our code and seems like we listen allthe extensions that we sync in out mongo from RC service.
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We are unaware of such issues from our side. In order to troubleshoot, we need more information. You should list at least two extensions, one could receive events while the other couldn't. And also list the steps to reproduce the issue. (sample code is preferred). You can send the information in an email to the developer support team and we will respond soon.

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Thx the attetion Tyler! I sent an e-mail to developer support :)

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Developer sandbox tools

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