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The new RingCentral Developer Forums are here!

We are so excited to finally make available to our developer community the new home of our Developer Forums! Our new forums are designed specifically for developer communities, making it easier for developers to share code samples, to seek help from experts, and search past knowledge base articles to achieve our forums' primary objective: to connect developers to the answers they need as quickly as possible.

Even though all of the community's content has been successfully migrated to our new site, our job is not done yet. We still have a few tasks before us in order to tidy up and get things exactly where we want them. Below are a few of the changes yet to come.

Known Issues

1. Redirects. Within the next 24 hours, we will begin redirecting users from the old site to the new one.

2. Username cleanup. When migrating users, we created new usernames on behalf of our community members. These usernames have a number of random numbers appended to the end. It is our intention to remove these trailing numbers in the next week or two. We will ensure that everyone's username is unique. If you would like to change your username, we are happy to accommodate. Please contact

3. Restored newlines for some code samples. We noticed that during the migration, on some posts and comments, newline characters were lost from shared code snippets/samples. This makes some code samples very difficult to read as you can imagine. We have a solution for this and will be deploying it in the next week or two after proper testing.

How our community can help

The best way you can help is to report any issues you may find to us so that we can investigate and fix.

We also welcome you to share your feedback with us by adding a comment to this post.

Thank you

Finally, thank you to the entire community for your collective patience as we make this important change. We recognize that when one is need of help, any difficulty in answering questions can be frustrating. You have been very understanding and supportive. Thank you.


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Product Manager, RingCentral

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