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RingCentral Push Notifications not received for all extensions in Call Queue when ring order is set to Simultaneous

I have subscribed to the pubnub service using the following event filter:


I have user extensions 201 and 202 set up in a call queue with extension 2. When I call the main number and dial either 201 or 202 I receive push notifications as expected. Furthermore when I set the call queue to sequential ring order and dial 2, I am able to see the corresponding push notifications for both 201 and 202 as the call progresses. However, when I set the call queue's ring mode to simultaneous I only receive a notification that either 201 or 202 is ringing even though I can see both extensions are ringing. Why don't I receive a notification for each extension?

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Hi Jesse,

Unfortunately this is known issue, which exists due to call handling restrictions on backend. It's planned to be fixed in the next Release (October 2017).

Please note that we have grand new project for detailed call session notifications, planned date for delivery is Q1 2018. A lot of scenarios, which are not covered by existing Presence events will be available as part of this project, including different Call Queue cases. 

Thank you!
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Thank you for the reply, looking forward to your upcoming releases. 
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