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Emergency Services Address for sandbox account at

Hey folks,

I'm running into an issue when logging into my sandbox account at (904) 559-1662. I am immediately prompted to enter an Emergency Services Address. However, selecting the existing San Mateo address there fails and entering a new (valid) address does not seem to pass verification (please see screenshots below):

I tried also using my business address and followed the instructions here:

to ensure I wasn't entering it incorrectly but am not seeing any problems.

I need to make some changes to the queue setup to demo something for a customer and am unable to access the admin menu due to this popup.

I really appreciate any assistance you can provide.



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Rusty speedy,

As a standard procedure, we do not allow users to provide a new ( valid ) address as part of the e911 calling. However, that being said you should be able to use the Predefined e911 address when you are assigning a Softphone on an extension as below :

Can you please confirm if you see the prefilled e911 address during the Softphone provisioning?

Also, Can you try Editing the e911 address to the below :

Street Address : 1400 Fashion Island Blvd, 7th Floor

Apartment / Suite #: <<blank>>

City: San Mateo

State/Province : California

Zip Code : 94404

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Hey AK,

Thanks for getting back to me and I apologize for missing your call. I am unfortunately not in the provisioning step but am instead dealing with an alert/popup that occurs as soon as I log into my sandbox account.

do see the prefilled addresses there and run into the issue I describe above with the "Emergency Location Provisioning Failed" error message when using them.

I recently found that I can access Phone System Settings if, after the provisioning failure, I access the  Users tab first and then attempt to access the phone system settings. If I go directly to phone system settings, I get the same alert/popup. 

Since I could access the phone settings in this way, as a workaround, I deactivated the problematic line of (904) 438-2354 and provisioned a new soft phone for my user account. I was able to use the existing e911 addresses when provisioning a new account-- so it appears the problem just occurs when trying to do so through the alert/warning interface as opposed to the provisioning interface. I then assigned the 2354 line to a test account to remove it from my username so as not to reactivate it when signing into the RingCentral Desktop App.

I am now able to login under my username without seeing the alert/error message and can access the phone system settings normally. I'm not sure if this error is due to a problem with that old developer extension I set up, but please feel free to delete the 2354 line and device.

Thanks for your attention,

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