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Forwarding call, or Ringing in the RC software phone.


I am using webhook to hook incoming call.

And created forward and reject calls based on special logic.

It works as well.

But, I don't want to reject the call.

For example, my RC phone number is +111, and I set up the forwarding number to +222.

1. The caller calls the RC number(+111). If the condition is met, it will forward to +222 (it works now).

2. Otherwise, It will be ringing in the RC software phone(+111) instead of rejecting the call (Need to be implemented). Can I forward or transfer the call to the RC number itself?

Thanks in advance.

rest api
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You don't need to forward/transfer to +111 if the caller is calling that number. Just check the number (e,g. +222) you want to transfer then transfer if it matches. Otherwise, just ignore the event notification.

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Thanks for your advice.

It works but I need to resolve some issues to make the forwarding call.

1. I call the RC phone number, and press 0.

2. The RC software phone is ringing first and immediately disappear.

3. And it forwards calls.

I don't want that rining the software phone first when I call the forward function.

Why the RC softphone is ringing first before forwarding?

In my opinion, via call routing

I set like this, so It doesn't appear before forwarding, but did not ring on the softphone even if i didn't forward.

PS: and Could I remove the attendant's voice message such as "press 0 to bla bla, press 1 blabla"?

Thanks in advance.

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You can open the service web dashboard and change the setting to bypass the greeting.

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