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Warm transfer to first answer from simultaneous CallOut's

Here's the scenario we need:

1. Rep is on phone with customer

2. Rep initiates a warm transfer

3. The warm transfer needs to be a call out to multiple non-RC phone numbers

4. The first phone to answer should get connected in the warm transfer

How can this be accomplished?

rest api
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Unfortunately, I don't see any API which is capable to transfer a call to multiple phone numbers. If your requirement is not restricted to non-RC phone numbers, then perhaps, it is doable via a call queue where you have a call queue with multiple members and transfer the call to that call queue. The call queue will ring its members (simultaneously, rotating or sequentially depend on the setting of the call queue). The system will take care of connecting the call to an agent who first pickup the transferred call.

Hope this helps!

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I don't want to necessarily transfer multiple numbers, but rather call multiple numbers, then transfer the first one that answers. Is it possible to call out multiple numbers and maybe join the call when they answer? Maybe if the initial call is parked?

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The Call Out API allows to dial only one number so I don't think that this is doable. The problem is to call non-RC numbers, otherwise, I think it is doable via a call queue.

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