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Send batch request to update extension presence

I want to change the status for all extensions at a given time. I have tried the following address to send a batch request /restapi/v1.0/account/~/extension/230794004,230908004/presence to update 2 extensions. However, this is throwing an error Resource for parameter [extensionId] is not found. What is the correct endpoint for this?

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Hi Rakesh,

Batch update is not suppported for Presence API. 

May I ask what goal you're trying to achieve? E.g. update DnD status for multiple Users doesn' look like a common Presence use Case.


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Hi Rakesh,
Sorry for misinformation, it's the error in docs, we'll fix it, thank you for finding out.

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Thank you for your reply. I have read the API docs and it says that it's supported - Unless this is wrong??:!#RefUser...  Update User Status
Updates user-defined extension(s) presence status, status message and DnD status by extension ID(s). Supports only regular User extensions.  Batch request  is supported.

I am looking to add this as we have issues in the morning where users have left their ringcentral status as available the evening before when leaving the office. When clients ring in the morning, ringcentral still thinks they are active and attempts to ring those extensions. The only way to stop this behavior is ensure they set it as "not accept call queue" and change dnd status. I was looking to set all extensions as offline in a batch request at some point in the late evening so we don't have to rely on the user.
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