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How do I resolve a HTTP Code 500 with CMN-203 Internal Server Error when subscribing to WebHook?

Using Java. Successfully placed outbound call and read call log. Tutorials have been great.

Using ringcentral-1.0.0-beta10.jar (where RestClient line 304 throws the exception)

Here is the code I ran (from your example pages):

public void setupWebHook() throws RestException, IOException{

RestClient rc = new RestClient(RINGCENTRAL_CLIENTID,



List<String> eventFilterList = new ArrayList<>();





CreateSubscriptionRequest createSubscriptionRequest = new CreateSubscriptionRequest()

.eventFilters(eventFilterList.toArray(new String[0]))

.deliveryMode( new NotificationDeliveryModeRequest()




SubscriptionInfo result = rc.restapi().subscription().post(createSubscriptionRequest);


System.out.println("WebHook Ready");


I can see that my webhook was hit by RingCentral, and it replied with Validation-Token

an exception was thrown at the post line.

HTTP Response


status code: 500

Server: nginx

Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2019 05:01:34 GMT

Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8

Transfer-Encoding: chunked

Connection: keep-alive


RCRequestId: 2afd74ac-0377-11ea-90fa-005056bbcdd9

X-Rate-Limit-Group: medium

X-Rate-Limit-Limit: 40

X-Rate-Limit-Remaining: 39

X-Rate-Limit-Window: 60

RoutingKey: SJC11P01

{"errorCode":"CMN-203","message":"Internal Server Error","errors":[{"errorCode":"CMN-203","message":"Internal Server Error"}]}

at com.ringcentral.RestClient.request(

at com.ringcentral.RestClient.request(



at CallOutMain.setupWebHook(

at CallOutMain.main(

rest api
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Could you please submit a support ticket with the necessary information like (API Request and API response including headers preferably)?

Meanwhile, could you try subscribing to Extension and Message Store Event Filters and test the results?

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Re-running this morning in order to capture the header details ... It works. No change to my code. Thank you for prompting me to capture more details.

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If you check here :


CMN-203 Internal Server Error

is due to "The server failed to run an apparently valid request "

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When I'm on a phone call can I take notes and have them attach to that number? So when the customer calls again all the information will populate on the screen.

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Developer sandbox tools

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