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Ring Central Video: Read Receipts / Confirmation - Internal Company Messages

Our company decided to switch from Microsoft Teams to Ring Central Video. We often send messages internally. When I send a message, I have no way of identifying if my team member has read the message unless they reply. On Microsoft teams, there was an eyeball icon next to the message that confirms to me if the team member read the message I have sent. Is there something I'm missing in the settings or will this be an upcoming feature?

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I have this same request. To be clear, this is the message feature of RingCentral, not really tied to RingCentral Video. Formerly known as Glip, not sure if Glip is still the name.

We have been using WhatsApp for messaging and like how it gives a check when delivered then turns the check green when read. the message can be expanded to show who in a group message has read the message.

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Hey, @Khang Nguyen and @ben-stutzman - we don't have this feature at this time.
I'd recommend add this to our ideas portal.
You can click here to navigate over. Be sure to select the Customer Community in the drop-down!

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I created an idea =

Did I do it right?

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