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Custom fax cover page

Are there any plans to make fax custom cover pages a default option for email to fax? Or even through the new main RingCentral app? It's an industry required need to be able to add a confidentiality statement to the cover page and currently this is not possible.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ commented ·

Hi Rudi, thanks for sharing this idea. We'll forward this to our Product Team and let you know if there's any update.

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Tyler Liu avatar image Tyler Liu ♦ commented ·

There is a way to disable fax cover page and the first content page becomes the cover page.

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brian-erle1 avatar image brian-erle1 commented ·

No one has commented on this topic in a few months so I am requesting a review to find out if the ability to create a customized Cover Page including your Company Logo, and perhaps a customized statement (Like HIPAA statement or other confidentiality statement) will be added to either the Administrator Portal or to the RingCentral Application. This ability already exists within the RingCentral Phone application for Windows (the one with the phone as the logo, not the capital R). This customization should be ported to the 'flagship' app as soon as possible. We continually wait for the flagship app to catch up with its older sibling in terms of basic functionality. Commendably the flagship app finally added the ability to add personal contacts in 2020, and now if we can get the same ability for the custom fax cover page I think we'll be most of the way there. Thank You

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Christina Buckmaster avatar image Christina Buckmaster commented ·

Thank you, we are new to RC and were told we would be able to download our current logo fax cover with our HIPAA disclosure, yet today I was told it is not possible with the R app, only the older phone app (which we do not sue). I am very frustrated, as we are a medical practice and MUST have the HIPAA disclaimer on our fax cover. We must have this on our RC app platform for our employees faxing out from the R app.

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Angela Chase avatar image Angela Chase commented ·

I would also like to see this added to the new app. We have the same requirements and it was not an issue on the previous version of the ring central app.

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mary-community-moderator avatar image mary-community-moderator ♦♦ Angela Chase commented ·

Please vote for this feature requests here.

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